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At Primero, we are passionate about uncovering football talent and shaping the future of the beautiful game. Whether you’re a promising player seeking the spotlight or a club in search of the next star, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Our Services

A boutique football agency for the representation of football players from non-league clubs right through to the premiership.

Our Drive

We focus on ensuring each player is given the deserved opportunity to prove themselves and their sporting capabilities. In today’s extremely competitive football industry, a lot of talents are overlooked.

Our Approach

We scout for talents. In an age where a lot of agencies focus on established players, we do the extra work of focusing on the traditional scouting approach by watching games etc.

Our Network

Our network of clubs and contacts cuts across all UK football agencies and established partnership links into Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Cyprus etc

Our Network Story

We have players playing across the entire UK football leagues including non league and some in Europe e.g. Portugal

Continuous scouting


Initial opportunity to watch for talent in a player

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Scouted player is supported with opportunities


Player is represented by Primero


Player development is key and continually monitored in club or academy


Where required as dynamic of the player changes and team changes, new opportunities are sought



We watch


We support

Continuos Scouting

Then we scout


We represent you and ensure you get the best training and best deal